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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Powerlifting at TFCF

by James Drebenstedt on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 at 1:45pm
 One of the things I have learned to love about Crossfit is how we all excel at something and if we're honest we also totally suck at something.   I believe we should work hard on what we suck at, and to keep ourselves happy we should devote time to our strengths.  I am elated that we at TFCF will be starting a powerlifting class which plays into my one and perhaps only true strength, the one repitition display of absolute strength.

We will be following a sane and proven progression to reach ever higher totals on the "Big Three," the squat, bench press, and deadlift.  We will  only rarely test the actual 1rm, which will decrease injuries and increase our longevity.

I have devoted much time over the last years, months, and weeks to distilling best practices in the competition forms of the Big Three.  I have read known and respected professionals heavily, and more importantly I have heavily tested their writing under the bar.  Yes, we will work hard, but we will not work stupidly.  You will make radical improvements as we work on perfecting technique.  You can expect to be challenged.  We are not doing the fraternity ego lifts, we are doing the competitive lifts which in many cases are uncomfortable.

Our sessions will be Sunday at 5pm, Monday at 10am, Wednesday at 10am, and Thuirsday at 11am.  My belief is that most people will see the most improvement with four training days a week.  Three and two are acceptable, but be prepared to hustle.  Notice that we have placed powerlifting immediately before a wod.  Powerlifting is not a CrossFit replacement, but rather a compliment.  Your CrossFit will improve as you gain strength and muscle, which you should know is also key in weight reduction, and your strength will increase as CrossFit improves your conditioning and work capacity.  We will be running four week cycles, and ideally you would commit for a month at a time to see the best strength gains.

Darla, Vanessa, and I are all planning on competing in a drug free pl meet November 20th, which is a convenient three training cycles away.  Join us because you're ready to try a new sport, or to improve your CrossFit, or maybe just to enjoy some good music and see me in my element.