James can be reached at TwinFreaks CrossFit, where he is an owner and trainer. James coaches barbell lifting classes and CrossFit classes. Contact him by email at james@twinfreakscrossfit.com or by phone at 720-204-2631.

Stats & Proof & Goals

I'm a competitor.  I've done some great things in the gym, but I believe what matters is what I show up with on game day, so while the following numbers aren't the most impressive I've turned in, they were electronically timed or done in front of judges adhering to strict rules.

Height: 5' 10"
Competition Weights: 181.5 and 198
Walking Weight: 185-200
In Season Bodyfat: 8.1% by hydrostatic test
off Season Bodyfat: 12-14%

What does this mean? I'm too tall to lift under 220 pounds, I'm too short to row at heavyweight, I'm too heavy to row at lightweight.

I'm doing the best I can anyway because I'm too old to waste any life.

Squat 380 (Unsanctioned meet with NASA Colorado judges)
Bench 259 USAPL Colorado Championship
Deadlift 402 USAPL Colorado Championship

500 meter Erg: 126.2 2012 Mile High Sprints 2nd Place
500 meter Erg: 125.8 2012 Denver Indoor Rowing Championship 1st Place

Why no 2,000 meter Erg Test?  It's been a tough year with injuries and training for multiple events.  I pulled a 7:08.5 in October, 2011 before deciding to focus on powerlifting and the 500 meters this year.

CrossFit: Yes, it keeps me healthy and in good overall condition as I pursue the dreams.  Here is a middle of the pack finish from a workout at the Colorado Masters' Open where I finished in the middle of the pack.

Mid-Range Goals:
Total 1200 pounds at 181.5 pounds.
Break the 1:20 / 500 meter Erg Test
Get a respectable 2,000 meter erg score.
Scull competitively -  I see myself stroking the double here.
Return to Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Stay healthy, happy, and semi-sane

Long Term Goals:
Total Elite at any weight class I can pull it off in. ( I feel good at 198)
"Ship up to Boston" - hit the CRASH B qualifying time for a 2k erg test.
Find some combination of age, gender, and weight to win a mixed double sculls Masters National title.
Maintain egoless open-minded BJJ training
Exit gracefully after helping some people out.