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Monday, May 19, 2014


The people who have been around a few years now know that I'm trying to stay young until I die.

Today, as seems to happen every year, I had my birthday.  I have never been big on New Year's, so I am in the habit of using my birthday to reflect on where I am, where I've come from, where I'm going, and for the last few years, I've tried to prove to myself that I am still alive.

It's always January 1 at my place anyway.  I have never been able to work a calendar.

I had planned to climb the Incline this year, but as of today I have been sick about one week and I simply have no energy.

I hate being sick largely because I almost never am.  Lately I have been a couple times, and I wonder if I am doing something wrong that's wrecking my immune system.  I hate to think that I'm training too much, so I've decided to think that it's because I have extra stress from relatively large life changes.

Yes, I quit sucking.

So anyway last night I texted my intrepid partner that the Incline was a no go, and I woke up today wondering what will it be like when I get old?

I got up about 5:30 and studied Linux for an hour or so because that is a big part of not sucking.  I knew I wouldn't do any conditioning, but I also knew my buddies would be at the gym at 8 am to work, and even if I could do little or nothing, I wouldn't miss the chance to support them.

I ended up, no shit, doing some light curls and then benching 225 so that I could at least prove I wasn't any deader than a 22 year old fraternity boy, and then I sat on a bench and worked the timer as my friends proceeded with the more serious work of power cleans, push ups, and pull ups.

Sitting and working the clock.
I went home exhausted and slept half an hour.

I decided then to do a nice slow, flat walk around Mcintosh Lake, an old stand by.

not the Incline but not bad
And I did walk slowly and shirtless.  I reflected that when I get old things will probably be like they were today.  I'll do as much as the 22 year olds, and I'll encourage the older ambitious people to do more than I did at their age.

And then I started visualizing how I want my match to go at next Saturday's Colorado State BJJ tournament.

I'm not sure how young I am anymore.

I'm merely sure I'm not dead yet, and I'm bringing my best next weekend.

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